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English Language Lesson Note for Complete SS1 First, Second and Third Term

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SS1 English Language Scheme of Work for First, Second and Third Term: These lesson notes cover the following topics.

First Term


1 General Revision of Last Term’s Examination; Review of the word class-Parts of Speech- Noun, Pronoun, Verb and Adjective. Spelling; Doubling of Consonants
2 Comprehension, Reading Skills; Word Meanings in Context- Unit 3, pages 54-55

Structure: Introduction to Phrasal Verbs; More on Parts of Speech- Adverb, Conjunction and Preposition.

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Libraries.

3 Essay Writing: Types of Essays ;Speech Work: Monophthongs;  Idioms

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Entertainment.

4 Comprehension/ Reading Skills: Skimming and Scanning- Unit 4. Vocabulary Development: Agriculture.

Structure: Noun Phrase and Verb Phrase

Spelling: Words Commonly Misspelt; Unified Test. 

5 Structure: Kinds of Sentences- Simple, Multiple, Compound, Complex and Compound-Complex

Essay Writing: Expository- “Honesty is the Best Legacy”

Vocabulary Development: Stock Exchange and Insurance.

6 Comprehension/Oral Skills- Pages 86-87: Figures of Speech- Simile, Metaphor, Irony, Personification and Rhetorical Question. Structure: Adverbial Clause

Essay Writing: Descriptive

Speech Work: Diphthongs.

7 Structures: Learning about Noun Clause; Vocabulary Development: Transportation- Aviation, Rail, Road and Maritime.

Speech Work: Introduction to Consonant Sounds

Essay Writing: More on Narrative- A story that ends with,“It Pays to be Hard-working”. 

8 Comprehension/ Reading Skills- Page 60. More on Consonant Sounds

Structure: Adjectival Clause. Argumentative- “Patriotism Enhances the Growth of a Nation”

9 Comprehension / Reading Skills: Introduction to Answering Comprehension Questions

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Religion.

Speech Work: Stress.

10 Comprehension and Writing Skills: Vocabulary Development: Introduction to Summary Writing        

Spelling: Prefixes and Suffixes

Structure: Adverbial and Prepositional Phrase

11 Vocabulary Development: Registers of Judiciary. Essay Writing: Informal letter- “A letter to the sister who plans to divorce her husband advising her against the decision”

Structure: Definite and Indefinite Articles

Speech Work: More on Consonants.

Second Term

1 Revision of Last Term Work and Exams
Homographs: Words that are Spelled the Same. More on Spellings
2 Comprehension/Listening Skills-Listening to Grasp the Main Points- Unit 6 Section C- Page 111
Structure, Present Tense -Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous.
Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Government and Politics.
3 Comprehension: Comprehending Word. Unit 6 Section A Page 104 on ‘Beauty’ Meanings in Context.
Structure: Auxiliaries, “will and would”,
Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Photography
4 Essay writing: Formal Letter, speech work: Contrasting /Ɵ/and /ᵭ/ Ɵ and/t/ /d/
and /d/, Structure: Participle-Present and Past – Unified Test.
5 Comprehension/ Writing Skill, Answering Summary Questions.
Structure: Auxiliaries-”shall” and “should”.
Essay Writing: Descriptive- The Evil Effect of Peer Pressure.
6 Comprehension –Unit 8-Yvonne and Yvette- Pages 139-142
Vocabulary Development- Printing and Mass-media .
Structure:‘can and could’.Words Commonly Misspell,TheUse ofDictionary
7 Comprehension- Group Work on Oral and Written TV Interviews, Structure: Past Tense, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous.
Comprehension/Writing Skills, Paraphrasing a Passage.
Essay Writing: Various Methods of Introducing Writings
8 Essay writing: More on Argumentative “Child Abuse” Who is to be Blamed, Government or Parents?
Vocabulary /Development: Words Associated with Religion.
Structure: Future Tense: Simple Future Continuous etc
9 Comprehension – Unit 7 Passage C Pages 125-126.Speech Work: Introduction Syllable Spelling: Homophones: Words that sounds alike.
Structure Punctuation: Question Mark, Apostrophe and Exclamation Mark.
10 Speech work: Introduction to Stress, essay writing:Writing Minutes of Meetings
Structure: Punctuation-Full Stop, Comma, Dash, Colon, Semi Colon, and quotation marks
11 Revision and Exams.
12 Examination.
Effective English Book 1- Michael Montgomery et al.
Countdown English- O. Ogunsanwo et al.
Goodbye to Failure- Blessing Dupe at al

Third Term


Revision of Last Term’s Work and Examination

Comprehension- Reading to grasp word meanings in various contexts.

Commonly Misspelt Words

The Use of Dictionary

Practical Approach to Summary Writing

Comprehension: Reading for the main point. “Beauty”

Vocabulary Development: Advertising

Structure: Adjuncts: explanation and Examples

Writing: Narrative Essay: Explanation, Features and Outline of a topic

Comprehension: Fishing in Hausa Land, page 227, Effective English

Summary Writing: A Sample Passage, page 152-153.

Vocabulary Development: Words associated with home and family life.

Writing: Expository Essay: Explanation, Features and Outline of a topic

Structure: Introduction to Clauses.

Essay Writing: More on formal letter.

Speech Work: Rhymes

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Government and Politics.

Comprehension / Reading Skills: More on Skimming and Scanning.

Speech work: Diphthongs /ei/ and /ai/

Structure: Conjuncts and Disjuncts.

Structures: Plural forms of Nouns and Compound Nouns.

Speech work: Words of two syllables which are stressed on the first or second syllables

Essay Writing: Story Writing- A story which illustrates the saying- It is a man’s world”

Comprehension and Reading Skills: Reading for leisure

Writing: Semi Formal Letter: Explanation and Features

Sentence Structure and formation.

Spelling: Dropping (e) and retaining (e)

Comprehension; Summarizing in a specified number of sentences

Speech Work: Homophones

Structure: Functions of comparatives.

Vocabulary Development: Sports and Entertainment.

Comprehension/Reading Skills: Identifying statutory topic, theme and key sentences of a passage. Vocabulary Development: Words associated with journalism and advertising. Structure: Antonyms as words opposite in meaning and nearly opposite in meaning.

Informal Letter Writing: Explanation and Features

Comprehension/Speaking skill. Speech work: contrasting /i/  and  /i: /. Essay writing: Argumentative – Indiscipline is Responsible for the Poor Performances of Students in Examinations’

Structure: Pronoun references to the three Persons in English

Comprehension: Summarizing in a specified number of words. Vocabulary Development: Words associated with Building. Structure: synonyms: words nearest in meaning
Revision and Examination





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