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Further Mathematics Lesson Note for Complete SS2 First, Second and Third Term

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SS2 Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for First, Second and Third Term: These lesson notes cover the following topics.

First Term:

1 Finding quadratic equation with given sum and product of roots, conditions for equal roots, real roots and no root
2 Tangents and Normals to Curves
3 Polynomials ;definition, basic operations  + , x , – , ;–
4 Polynomials ( Continued) factorization
5 Cubic Equation , roots of cubic equations
6 Review and Test
7 Logical Reasoning ; fundamental issues and definitions and theorem proving
8 Trigonometric Function , six trig functions of angles of any magnitude ( sine, cosine,tangent,secant, cosecant, cotangent)
9 Relationship between graph of trigonometric ratios such as  sin x and sin 2x, graphs of  y= a sin (bx) + c  , y = a cos (bx) + c   ,  y = a tan (bx) + c
10 Graphs of inverse by ratio and equation of simpletrgonometric identities
11 Revision



  • Further Mathematics Project 1 by TuttuhAdegun
  • Further Mathematics Project 2 by TuttuhAdegun
  • Additional Mathematics by Godman

Second Term:

1. Differentiation: Limits of Function and First Principle, Differentiation of Polynomial
2. Differentiation (Continued): Rules of Differentiation
3. Differentiation of Transcendents: Derivative of Trigonometric Functions and Exponential Functions.
4. Application of Differentiation: Rate of Change, Equation of Motion, Maximum and Minimum Points and Values of Functions.
5. Conic Sections: Equation of Circles, General Equation of Circles, Finding Centre and Radius, Equation and Length of Tangents to a Circle.
6. Conic Sections: The Parabola, Hyperbola and Ellipse
7. Review of First Half Term
8. Statistics Probability: Sample Space, Event Space, Combination of Events, Independents and Dependent Events.
9. Permutation and Combination
10. Dynamics: Newton’s Laws of Motion
11. Work, Energy, Power, Impulse and Momentum
12. Revision and Examination.

Further Mathematics Project 2 and 3.

Third Term:

1. Revision of Second Term Examination Questions.
2. Projectile: Trajectory of Projectile, Greatest Height Reached, Time of Flight, Range, and Projectile along Inclined Plane.
3. Binomial Expansion: Pascal  Triangle Binomial Theorem of Negative, Positive and Fractional Power
4. Mechanics: Vectors in Two and Three Dimension. Scalar Product of Vectors inThree Dimension.
5 Vector or Cross Product on Three Dimension.Application of Cross Product Cross Product of Two Vectors.
6 Review of the Half Term Work.
7. Integration: Indefinite Integrals Concept, Different Methods of Integration.e.g (Algebraic and Trigonometric Substitution by Parts and Partial Fractions.
8. Integration Continued: Definite Integral, Area Under Curve.
9. Integration Continued: Application of Integration to Kinematics Volumes of Solids at Revolution and Trapezium Rule.
10. Correlation and Regression: Concept, Scatter Diagram, Regression Line, Coefficient of Regression, Rank Correlation and Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.
11. Revision.



Further Mathematics Project 2 and 3.


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