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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a school on Find Nearby School (FNS) website?

To find a school on the website, simply enter your location, levels of education and State/LGA into the search bar. You can further narrow down your search on the “Find Schools” page using the filter attributes (such as school fees, gender, type of school, etc.). You will then be presented with a list of schools that match your criteria, along with detailed information about each school.

Do I need to pay any money if I find a school through

No, its complete Free for parents to search and connect with schools on FNS. You can send messages to any school using the built-in messaging feature, but to send messages, you have to sign up for a Free account.

I searched using my State/LGA, but no results are showing up. Why is that?

The system dynamically generates this list from the database; if no school was profiled for your State/LGA, the website will have nothing to display.

Can I leave a rating or review for a school on the website?

Yes, parents are encouraged to leave ratings and reviews for schools on the website. This helps other parents make informed decisions about their children’s education and provides valuable feedback to schools.

Is Find Nearby School only for schools in Nigeria?

Yes, at the moment is only for Private schools in Nigeria.

Do I have to register before using this website?

If you’re a school owner, then yes, registration is mandatory. But if you’re a parent, then no, it’s not required. However, if you want to leave reviews or participate in any forum discussions, you’ll need to sign up. Don’t worry, its absolutely free to sign up.

If it’s free, how does FNS generate revenue? Are there hidden charges?

Rest assured that there are no hidden fees and our service is completely free to use. We generate revenue through the optional yearly Paid Listing Plan, which are available to school owners (Premium School Listing Plan). Additionally, we generate income through advertising and the sale of Lesson Notes.

I want to add my school, how do I know if its eligible?

Your school is eligible as long as it is government approved.

How can I add my School?

To add your school to, click “Add School” on the menu. This will take you to the registration page. Once you sign up, select “Add Listing” and choose the listing plan that suits your needs – Free Listing Plan or Premium Listing Plan. Then enter your school’s details and click “Submit Listing”. Your listing will be reviewed by an admin and approved.

How much does it cost to list a school on Find Nearby School website?

The registration is absolutely FREE for the Free Basic Plan. However, school owners can unlock more benefits by opting for the Premium School Listing Plan, available at a reasonably priced yearly subscription fee.

Can I update my school profile at any time?

Yes, simply log in with your username or email and password, and from your dashboard, click on “Listings”. Then, click on the pencil icon next to your school profile to start making changes. Once you’re done, don’t forget to click on “save changes” to ensure your updated profile is live.

Why should I list my school on Find Nearby School if it already has a website?

Firstly, our platform can help your school to be discovered by a wider audience of parents who may not have prior knowledge of your school or its website.
Secondly, our comprehensive collection of all schools’ websites and other relevant details makes us more popular than any individual school website.
Thirdly, being listed on FNS directory with other schools can help your school to stand out and showcase its unique features and offerings compared to other schools in the area.
Moreover, our platform is designed to accommodate unique features that most websites may not have, providing an additional avenue to showcase your school to potential parents and students.
Finally, listing your school on FNS can provide additional marketing and promotional opportunities, even if you already have a website
or social media accounts.

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