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English Language Lesson Note for Complete JSS2 First, Second and Third Term

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JSS2 English Language Scheme of Work for First, Second and Third Term: These lesson notes cover the following topics.

First Term Scheme:

1. Speechwork: Revision of Vowel Sounds
Grammar: Revision of Parts of Speech
Reading: Writing to Understand the Writer’s Purpose Unit 1, The Hippopotamus Part 1
Writing: Writing an Outline for a Narrative
Essay – How I spent My Last Holiday
Literature in English: Figures of Speech: Alliteration, Personification, Irony, Paradox, Hyperbole
2. Speechwork: Revision of Consonant Sounds with Emphasis on Consonant Cluster.
Grammar: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Reading: The Hippopotamus part 2 (continuation)
Writing: Descriptive Essay: Writing an Outline on a Place of Interest I visited.
3. Speechwork: Vowel Contrast – /iә/ and /eә/.
Grammar: More on Active Voice and Passive Voice.
Reading: Identification of Words that Pointto the Writer’s Intention: The Process of Growing Rice
Vocabulary Development: Word Families – In the Hospital page 93
Writing: Elements of Composition
4. Speechwork: Vowel Contrast /әu/ and /au/
Grammar: More on Tenses (Present, Past, Future)
Reading: Critical Reading: Planting page 39-40
Vocabulary Development: The Armed Forces
Writing: Descriptive Essay – A Local Festival
5. Speechwork: Review of Consonant Sounds /t/,/d/,/k/,/g/,/p/,/ b/.
Grammar: Present Tense Aspects
Reading: To Identify the Meanings of Words in Various Contexts: Broadcasting Page 53-54
Vocabulary Development: Religion
Writing: Review of the Format of Formal and Informal Letters
6. Speechwork: Contrasting /p/ and /t/
Grammar: Past Tense Aspects
Reading: The Lorry Trip page 79-80
Vocabulary Development; Register of Sports.
Writing: Narrative Essay: A Frightening Experience
7. Speechwork: Consonant Contrast /f/ and /v/
Grammar: Conjunctions
Reading: Okonkwo page 92-93
Vocabulary Development: Journalism
Writing: Informal Letter: A Letter to Your Father on Why You Like Your New School.
Literature: More on Figures of Speech: Onomatopoeia, Personification, Antithesis, Euphemism, Apostrophe, Oxymoron.
8. Speechwork: Consonant Contrast: /l/ and /r/
Grammar: Making Requests and Commands page 94
Writing: Descriptive Essay: My Favourite Teacher
9. Speechwork: Consonant /h/
Direct and Indirect Speech
Writing: Formal Letter: A Letter of Invitation
10. Revision.

1. Oral English for Schools and Colleges (Revised Edition) by San Onugbo, M.A. Ife
2. Basic English Book 4 HarbensKaur
3. Silver Burdett English Centennial Edition by Betty G. Gray et al
4. Contemporary English Grammar by JayanthuDakshina Murthy, ed by Indu mala Ghosh et al.
5. Exam Focus English for JSCE by Bolajiaremo et al.
6. Evans Effective English JSS 2 Revised Edition by Michael Montgomery et al.
7. New Oxford Secondary English Corse book for JS 2 by Ayo Banjo et al.
8. New Student’s Companioned by Chris Talbot.

Second Term Scheme:

1. Speech Work- revision of last term’s work. Grammar- Adjective. Compositions: My New Year Resolution. Reading and Comprehension Vocabulary Development- (The Office).Structure: Reported Speech. Literature in English – Introduction to prose, Features of prose

2. Speech Work – Diphthongs Continue. Grammar – Tenses – present, past, future. Reading/Comprehension and Summary. Writing – Argumentative Essay. Introduction to Drama and Features

3. Speech Work – Triphthongs, produce speech with tri thongs. Grammar – Adverbials – cause and reason, Purpose, Condition. Reading and Comprehension Argumentative Essay – Civilian government is far better than Military government. Literature in English – Element of Drama

4. Speech Work/Listening and Speaking consonant – /h/; /w/ and /j/. Grammar – Punctuation mark (Full Stop). Read and comprehension –Vocabulary Development – The postal service. Writing – Formal Letter – (To the school Principal).Literature in English – Recommended text on drama

5. Speech Work – Consonant/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, e.g. pot, boy, tape, dog. Grammar- Punctuation Mark, (The Comma) Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Narrative Essay–My last Birthday. Literature in English Recommended text on drama

6. Speech Work – Consonant Sound /k/ and /g/. Grammar –Types of Sentence (Functional) Questions, Statements, and Commands. Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Mining. Literature in English (use Recommended text)

7. Speech Work/Listening and Speaking – contrasting Consonant /f/ and /v/, /s/ and /z/ e.g. fan, van. Grammar – Direct Speech. Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Oral Expository essay – The campaign Literature in English – use recommended text

8. Speech Work – Intonation pattern- Are you in my class? Grammar – Adverbials. Reading and Comprehension. Writing: Summary writing from selected passages on Contemporary issues. Literature in English, Use recommended text

9. Speech Work/ Listening and speaking – The Rising Tune in Yes/ No Question. Grammar: Indirect/Direct Speech. Reading and Comprehension. Writing –story writing. Literature in English – Use recommended text

10. Revision

11. Examination

Third Term Scheme:

1. Speech work – Revision of Second Term Work and Examination Questions, Present Tense; Speechwork: Consonant Contrast /p /, /d/, /b /, /t/.
2. Grammar: Question Tags: Comprehension. The Search for Honey p. 168. Vocabulary Development on Speaking 168. Writing: Letter to a Friend p 175. Literature in English: Sunrise Poetry.
3. Grammar: Uses of the Form of the Verb Have; Vocabulary Development: Preparation for the Reading Passage p 181. Reading: Parents Responsibilities. Writing: Pride Goes before a Fall. Speech Work: Distinguishing /ʧ/ and /∫ /, p.185 Literature: The Love of Mathematics.
4. Grammar: Synonyms;. Writing: The Responsibilities of Government. Listening Comprehension: Main Points of a News Broadcast p 185. Speech Work: / p/, /d/, /k/ and /t/ ; Vocabulary Development: Words to do with Human Rights ; Literature: Inspiration
5. Grammar: Antonyms; Speech Work: Distinguishing the Consonants Sounds /w/and /j/; Vocabulary Development: Broadcasting; Comprehension: Ndifon’s Complaint p 193. Writing: Letter to a Pen Friend p 201. Literature: Exam Focus p. 180
6. Comprehension: Description of Calabar p.207; Speechwork: Vowel Contrast /u/ and /u:/; Vocabulary Development: Conflict Resolution;Grammar: Use of the Causative erb(ii) The Use of ‘s, and s’ and of. Writing: Description of One’s Village, Town or Area p 217. Literature: Dear African P 183, Exam Focus.
7. Speechwork: Vowels: /Ɔ/, /ɒ/, /˄/; Listening Comprehension: An Account of a Fire Outbreak pg 212. Structure: Adjective; Writing: A Journey 1 Once Made; Vocabulary Development: Armed Forces.
8. Grammar: Review of Prefix and Suffix; Speech Work: Revising the Sounds /a:/ and/ ǽ/; Writing: An account of an Outing for a School Magazine p. 228. Comprehension: An Account of a School Outing. Vocabulary Development: Government and Politics.
9. Speechwork : Consonants /dӠ/, /Ӡ/; Grammar: Using Despite and Inspite of, Vocabulary Development: Law and Order p. 126; Writing: Review of Narrative and Descriptive Essays.
10. Revision

• Effective English JSS 2 by Evans
• Exam focus for JSCE by BolajiAremo et al
• The New Student’s Companion by Up et al
• English Grammar for JSS by P.O. Olatunbosun
• College Essays for Basic 8 by C.O. Odetula
• Sunrise Poetry by OlusolaFadiya


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