English Language Lesson Note for SS2 First Term


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SS2 English Language Scheme of Work for First Term: This lesson note covers the following topics.

1. Comprehension:Reading for Main Points
(i) Structure: Revision on Nominalization of Adjectives and Verbs.
(ii) Speech Work: Review of Consonants Followed by /j/ and /u/ Sounds. Summary: Revision of the Features of Summary.
2. (i) Comprehension – Learning about Main Ideas and Supporting Details Unit 1:
Basketball, pg 19
(ii) Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with the Human Body System and Functions
(iii) Speech Work: Cluster of Two, Three and Four Consonants
(iv) Writing (Expository): Meaning, Features and Examples
3. (i) Comprehension: Reading to Follow Writer’s Ideas; Unit 2: Insurance, pg 33
(ii) Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Health e.g. diagnosis, contagious etc.
(iii) Structure: Noun Phrases: Meaning, Identification and Functions
4. Summary (Reading to Summarise): NnamdiAzikwe,pg 26
Vocabulary Development – Words Associated with Building and Building
Writing – (Narrative) Meaning, Features and Examples.
Structure – Relative Pronouns
5. Comprehension Reading For Main Points – 2; Unit 4; Building,pg 66
Speech Work: Unstressed Vowel Sound /ə /
Writing (Argumentative) “Corruption Should be fought from the top to the bottom”
6. Comprehension:Reading to Extract the Main Points from a Passage: Unit 6; On the Road pg 90
Structure: Sentence Types
Speech Work: Stress OfFour Syllable Words
Writing: Descriptive: “Valedictory Ceremony in My School”
7. (i) Comprehension: Reading to Take Notes; Unit 7; Technology, pg 104
Structure: Adverb – Types (Manner, Place, Time, Frequency, Degree etc.)
Summary: Reading to Summarise an Argument
8. Structure: Word Modifiers: Adjectives and Adverbs
Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Colours, Smell and Taste
Comprehension (Listening); Unit 8; Uganda’s National Resistance Army, pg 119
Writing: A Report
9. Structure: Plural Forms of Nouns
Speech Work: Stress of Five Syllable Words
Writing – Creative Writing: Features of a Short Story.
Summary Writing – Identifying Topic Sentences: Agriculture; Technical Aid Corps Proposed for Africa.
10. Comprehension: Reading to Paraphrase a Prose Passage; Unit 5; Nazruddin, pg 80
Structure: Phrasal Verbs.
Writing: Features and Format of an Informal Letter.
11. Revision
12. Examination

• Montgomery et al: Effective English for SS 2 ( Main Text) Evans Publishers, Ibadan
• Ogunsanya et al: Countdown to SSCE, Evans Publisher, Ibadan.
• Onuigbo S.M: Oral English for Schools and Colleges, Africana Publishers, Enugu.
• Ayo Banjo et al: New Oxford Secondary English Course SS 2. University Press PLC, Ibadan
• FoluAgoi: Towards Effective Use of English. A grammar of Modern English
• Ayo Akano: Maclimillan Mastery English Language for Senior Secondary Schools, Macmillan Nigeria Publishrs limited, Ibadan
• Ken Mebele et al: Goodbye to Failure in English for Senior Schools, Book 2, Treasure Publishers LTD, Lagos.
• Benson O. A Oluikpe et al: Intensive English for Senior Secondary Schools, 2 Africanal Publishers LTD, Onitsha.
• Oxford, Advanced Learners Dictionary.
• WAEC Past Questions.


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